Peace Field Farm

Peace Field Farm

Peace Field Farm is a vegetable and livestock farm that utilizes free range and natural agricultural practices. Fresh produce, meats & poultry are provided to Sante and Mangalitsa restaurants. The Woodstock, VT farm helps to create truly unique and memorable dining experiences.

Decant Wine Shop

Our goal at Decant Wine Shop is to offer a well curated selection of “Real” wines from around the world. Wines with a sense of place, true to its varietal, region and history. We understand that wine begins as an agricultural product, that responsible farming, care for the land and soil is always the best place to start. We focus on showcasing wines crafted with minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar using traditional techniques. Many of the vignerons/producers we work with are friends with whom have personal relationships!


At Santé, we’re a fresh-off-the-farm kitchen, partnering with Peace Field Farm in Woodstock and serving creative small plates, crafted cocktails, wine, and local beers. We’re globally inspired with a regional focus, offering the finest full entrée’s and delightful bites.